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How to recognize a REAL Witch

           When it comes to books I'm more into horror/fantasy/adventure stuff, however Roahl Dahl's books are just too good not to be into it. The first Roals Dahl's book I've read is The Witches. It's about a young English boy who lives with his grandmother in Norway. One night his grandmother taught him how to recognize a REAL witch. 

What a real Witch Looks Like:

  • Witches are bald, and must wear wigs directly on their naked scalps, resulting in a condition they call "wig-rash." 
  • They have clawed fingers that they must hide with gloves.
  •  Their feet have square ends and no toes. 
  • Their spit is bright blue, leaving a pale bluish film on their teeth. 
  • Their eyes have color-changing pupils in which one may see "fire and ice dancing" in the centre. They hate children with a passion, and seek to eliminate as many as they can. Children smell extremely repulsive to them(Like Dog's Droppings), and they can sniff them out from miles away. Every year, they attend an annual meeting where they hear a speech from their terrifying ruler, the Grand High Witch.

    When they had their vacation at luxury hotel in Bournemouth, the boy together with his new made friend Bruno Jenkins encountered The Witches of England. and that's the cue for their adventures.

Here are the other Roald Dahl's works I can recommend to you guys.

"When orphan Sophie is snatched from her bed by a Giant, she fears that he's going to eat her. But although he carries her far away to Giant Country, the Giant has no intention of harming her. As he explains, in his unique way of talking, "I is the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country! I is THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT! I is the BFG." The BFG tells Sophie how he mixes up dreams to blow through a trumpet into the rooms of sleeping children. But soon, all the BFG's powers are put to the test as he and Sophie battle to stop the other Giants from tucking into the children of the world. The RAF and even the Queen become involved in the mission."

"Matilda is a four-year-old genius stuck with a trashy, overbearing family. Using her superior intellect, she manages to get back at them a few times through very clever strategy.
    However, when she starts school, she is faced with her mortifying headmistress, the terrible Miss Trunchbull. Compared to two-hundred pounds of solid muscle, Matilda is at a serious disadvantage. Soon, both brains and brawn are put to the test in this crazy, thoughtful, delightful story by a classic author."

Brenna Saunders, Resident Scholar 

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket is the author of the infamous A Series of Unfortunate Events  and he is one of the few writers I admire. His way of writing is very CUNNING in a  very UNIQUE way and you can see it in his work A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was in highschool when I first read this series and I was in awe not by the story but the way it was written. There’s nothing more I can think to describe it, but CUNNING.

A series of unfortunate events is about the stormy live of three siblings Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire after their parents death in an arson incident. They were place in the custody of their cousin Coun Olaf, who openly plots to embezzle their inheritance. After they were pulled out from Count Olaf custody, by the help of their parents friend Executor Arthur Poe, Olaf begins to tenaciously hunt down the siblings. 

The series goes like this:

The Bad Beginning
    The Reptile Room
    The Wide Window

    The Miserable Mill

    The Austere Academy
    The Ersatz Elevator
    The Ville Village
    The Hostile Hospital
    The Carnivorous Carnival
    The Slippery Slope
    The Grim Grotto
    The Penultimate Peril
    The End

    Chills down your spine

     Want some Horror to read?
    Everytime I hear Horror novels, what comes to mind first is R.L Stine works. You probably heard of his name somewhere ‘coz he has already established his name in literary world.  Here are some of his books that I can recommend, Ive read them my self so....
    These are not all his works, If you want to see all his works you can visit his site

    Call Waiting (1994)
    genre: fiction->children/youngadult->horror

    Summary (From the publisher):
    Someone wants to talk to Karen badly. Very badly. Someone who has something very special to say. Someone is calling Karen to say they care. To tell her the plans they've made just for her. Someone wants to reach out. Touch her. Kill her. Poor Karen. She's alone this time. And if Karen can't trace the caller...Karen's going to die...

    Hide and Shriek (1995) 
    genre: fiction->children/youngadult->horror

    (this actually a series GHOST OF FEAR STREET and this only the part1 of it.)
    Summary :
    Randy Clay becomes the unwilling participant in a game of hide-and-seek in a cemetery with a vindictive ghost, and if the ghost tags her, Randy will become the newest ghost on Fear Street.

    Bad Girl, the (1998)
    (this the part 4 of a series New Fear Street)
    Summary (From the publisher):
    Dawn and Jan never liked science class. But when they stumble across a formula that brings the dead back to life, it becomes their favorite subject.

    Prom Date, the (1999) 
     (part 11 of Fear Street:senior series)
    Summary (From the publisher):
    Trisha Conrad is dating Gary Fresno but is forced to attend the prom with Matty Winger, the biggest geek in school, just because his father is an important business partner of Mr. Conrad. Trisha goes with Matty, but at the prom she humiliates him in front of the whole school. Soon Trisha begins receiving threatening notes, and assumes Matty is responsible until he is found dead. Trisha later finds out that Mary O'Connor is the culprit; she hates Trisha for stealing her boyfriend Gary.

    Baby-Sitter, the (1989) 
     (theres also babysitter 2 and 3)

    Summary :
    An innocent baby-sitting job turns into a nightmare when Jenny discovers she's the next victim of a crazed attacker.

    Blind Date (1986) [Novel]

    Summary (From the publisher):
    Kerry's had a very bad year. But now his luck has finally changed. He's got a blind date with a girl who sounds really hot. his blind date really is the girl of his dreams. Or maybe his worst nightmare.

    Dead Girlfriend, the (1993)

    Summary (From the publisher):
    Is his girlfriend back... from the dead? Annie just met Jonathan. She doesn't know about his last girlfriend. Doesn't know how beautiful she was. Doesn't know how popular. Doesn't know how she died. But Annie is about to find out. Because Jonathan's old girlfriend might be dead. But she isn't gone...

    Girlfriend, the (1991)

    Summary (From the publisher):
    Scotty has the perfect life. And the perfect girlfriend. But one weekend while she's away, Scotty goes just a little... astray.
    Suddenly he has a new girlfriend. One who won't go away. His one wild night has become a nightmare.
    Because his new girlfriend has decided that she loves Scotty... to death.

    Best Friend, the (1992)
    (part 17 of Fear Street Series)

    Summary (From the publisher):

    Honey Perkins just moved to Shadyside. But she's telling everyone that she is Becka Norwood's best friend from elementary school. Trouble is, Becka doesn't remember her at all.
    But that doesn't stop Honey. She insists on doing everything Becka does -- borrowing her clothes, borrowing her boyfriend...and then the horrible accidents begin.
    Honey swears she has nothing to do with them. She's just being a good friend. A best the end.

    First Date (1992) 
    (part 16 of Fear Street Series)

    Summary (From the publisher):
    Fear Street — where your worst nightmares live...
    Chelsea is the typical shy girl. Always home on a Saturday night, she would give anything to have her first date. Finally, Chelsea's luck begins to change when two new guys move into town and both ask her out.
    Too bad that one of Chelsea's new boys has a terrible hobby — murder. Now Chelsea may be looking for love, but he's looking for a new victim.
    The Fear is Catching.

    Prom Queen, the (1992)
    (part 15 of Fear Street series)
    Summary (From the publisher):
    A spring night...soft moonlight...five beautiful Prom Queen candidates...dancing couplets at the Shadyside High prom-these should be the ingredients for romance.
    But stir in one brutal murder-then another, and another-and the recipe quikly turns to horror.
    Lizze McVay realizes that someone is murdering the five Prom Queen candidates one by one-and that she may be next on the list! can she stop the murder before the dance is over-for good?

    Hit and Run (1992)

    Summary (Library of Congress description):
    Sixteen-year-old Roland's hit-and-run accident in a borrowed car sends him fleeing into the wild Australian countryside, where he struggles for both survival and self-respect.

    (of all his books this one is MY FAVORITE it’s very exciting, thrilling. Once youv started reading it, I promise you wont stop until you finish it. Although most of his books are like that I still like this the best J)

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    Rapunzel Let Down Your Secret

    I just stumbled on this one when I was looking for something to read. I didn't know that Rapunzel, being a delicate-looking-character, in truth is..... anyway, Here it is. The french version is the best one for me. :D
    The Brothers Grimm are known for altering their fairy tales for the sake of children audiences obliterating any references to pregnancy and premarital sex. The Rapunzel story is no exception. According to Tatar's Annotated Grimms there are different versions to the Grimms' Rapunzel story both in the development of the plot and the characters of the story:
    • Rapunzel is Persinette in the French version and invites the prince up the tower so she can make love to him. When her pet parrot threatens to tell her secret, she sews up his rear end. Persinette's nose is turned into an ass nose by the evil fairy but eventually restored to its former beauty.
    • Rapunzel is Petrosinella in the Italian version. She and the prince do not seek each other for years as in the Grimms story. Instead they escape the ogress and use magic acorns to defeat her.
    • The enchantress who keeps Rapunzel in the tower was initially a fairy in the Grimms original story. In the French and Italian versions, she is a fairy, a witch or an ogress.
    • In the first version of the Rapunzel story of the Grimms' Children Stories, Rapunzel wonders why her clothes are getting tight alluding that her daily meetings with the prince in the tower have resulted to pregnancy. This was deemed inappropriate for children and was removed from the later version. Similarly, Rapunzel is referred to as the "wife" of the prince to rule out any suspicion that her twins were born out of wedlock.
    To the question who invented the fairy tale of Rapunzel the answer would be that the Rapunzel story is, as Tatar notes, "a composite form, drawing elements from different cultures and milieu".